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What Do League Execs Think of the Reinvented Derrick Rose?

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Over the first six games of the season we've all been able to share our thoughts on BaB with how we feel about this version of Derrick Rose. Well, what do many plugged in league scouts and execs think of what they've seen from Rose so far?

Ken Berger has gathered quite a few thoughts from various (anonymous) league scouts and execs, who share their comments on this latest iteration of Rose.

Still an MVP candidate?

Not anymore, said multiple scouts and executives who spoke with CBS Sports about what the former MVP has left. But as Rose showed Thursday night with 29 points, carrying Chicago down the stretch in an impressive 104-98 victory over the Thunder, maybe he doesn't have to be.

"For sure, he's somebody that's still a very good player," a Western Conference executive said. "Is he an MVP candidate? I don't know, but how many guys in the league are? There's five every year."

Also in this article, Berger makes a pretty interesting comparison between Rose's career and that of Charles Barkley. I'm not quite sure how I feel about the comparison Berger is trying to make, but judge for yourself.