Pau needs to be traded ASAP for a backup point guard.

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It's been suggested countless times here already. Jo needs to move to the starting lineup. Portis needs to get a chunk of those minutes.

I didn't see the Charlotte game but from what I'm reading they (again) played with a lack of energy and movement. That spells lazy and apathetic to me. Jo may be many things, but lazy and apathetic are not among them. We know Portis will be guns blazing at all times. No one will outwork those two guys and this team needs a jolt of octane in a bad way. This offense needs movement. Pau can't deliver it, not even close. He's slow and low energy. I'm close to calling him out for not caring as well, but that would be gross speculation at this point.

I want to trade him for a player who can back up Rose and also start if need be. And the point is not what's more valuable in some objective sense, but what makes sense for this specific team. I don't care what Pau is for other teams, it's not my concern. I don't like him on this specific roster. This team needs to get younger, more athletic, and play with greater energy and urgency.

I think Boston could be a target but they'd have to unload one of their bigs at the same time. Some kind of trade surrounding Pau for Avery Bradley would be pretty nice imo. Perhaps Houston for something like Beverly and Marus Thornton. Not great, but not awful. Those are the only two teams I can identify with a possible interest in adding front court quality/depth, who have spare guards, and who are looking to compete right now.

I really don't think he can fetch a starting quality player at this point. The only hope of that happening is some dude getting sick of his situation and pressuring his team for a trade.

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