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The Bulls give their travel advice

Derrick Rose: "Your drawers and toiletries are huge."

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Though this particular "Circus Trip" is not as long as previous ones, there are still some benefits to packing the rights things and not only knowing HOW to pack, but WHAT to pack. In this lighthearted feature, a few of the Bulls share their best travel tips.

Per Derrick Rose:

"The best packing tip is to make sure you pack your drawers and all your toiletry bag stuff first. Your drawers and toiletries are huge. Other than that, you can buy everything else you forget on the road. As long as you got a jogging suit, boxers and all your toiletries, you're fine. I've mastered it. I can pack in 20 minutes. I overpack but I can get it all done in 20 minutes.

Doug sounds like he still needs some work:

"I'm a huge overpacker. I brought four sweat suits for this trip and I've worn the same one every day. I gotta chill on that. I get paranoid so I always bring too much. I have to learn that I definitely don't need to do that.

Jimmy Butler apparently spends his travel time whooping Kirk in cards:

"I play cards. Bourre. It's a good game, similar to spades. We stopped playing poker because I was beating Kirk all the time. But it's all cards for me."

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