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Cameron Bairstow sent to the D-League

The Bulls sent away little-used Cameron Bairstow to the D League to develop some more

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulls issued a press release today stating that Cameron Bairstow was assigned to the Austin Spurs of the D League.

A couple points to note:

1) Bairstow was sent down, while Cristiano Felicio stayed with the team. Bairstow got a TON of playing time in the preseason and was pretty awful, so he might have played his way to the very bottom of the Bulls' plans.

2) Bairstow's contract was partially guaranteed coming into this season, which is likely a reason why he even made the roster in the first place.

3) Bairstow continues a trend of GarPax being bad with 2nd round picks. The expectations are for sure low - Most of them fizzle out of the league anyway. But the Bulls have traded away most of their second rounders or drafted poorly when they've kept the pick.

Paxson's picks: Bairstow, Erik Murphy, Malcolm Lee, Omer (draft day trade acquisition, Bulls didn't technically draft him), Sonny Weems, James OnCurry, Jackson Vroman, Chris Duhon, Mario Austin, Matt Bonner (traded away on draft day for what turned into Chris Duhon), and Tommy Smith.

With the exception of trading for Omer, that's not a great list.

4) This might be an opportunity to showcase Bairstow while not actually having to play him. The Bulls have only used the D League three times; They sent  Marquis Teague down twice and James Johnson once. Both were traded very shortly after being sent to the D League. Maybe this means a trade is finally coming?