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Warriors 106, Bulls 94 - Close but no cigar and not really close

The Bulls kept it tight, but fell short Friday to the NBA Champion Warriors 106-94

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Bulls lost a game that was within five or fewer points most of the game until the final two minutes where the Warriors stretched the floor and made the Bulls bigs rotations look silly.

Kirk Hinrich started his second game in row for the injured Derrick Rose (ankle) and kept #NationalTVKirk on stage for us all. He was pretty damned heroic with 17 points on 6-for-11 shooting and two steals. Jimmy Butler's God Mode was still in effect with 28 points on 11-for-21 shooting with nine rebounds and seven assists.

The Bulls backcourt out-performed The Splash Brothers on both ends of the floor, as Stephen Curry was contained to 27 points, despite 11 three-point attempts. Klay Thompson continues to be blah with a 15-point night for himself, looking over-matched by Butler.

That didn't matter, though. Without Aaron Brooks (hamstring), the bench was poopy-butted. The Bench Sob bricked all of their seven first half shots to get shutout and blow the 27-15 lead with which the Bulls started.

We can call it a sqaundered opportunity to catch the Warriors taking a knee after an emotional comeback the night before, but champioship teams win games like this when they are not at their best, especially at home. Guys like Harrison Barnes drop a couple of threes on their way to eight 4th quarter points. Their defenses hold a hot shooting Bulls squad to under 40%.

Onward and upward. The Bulls are 8-4, only one game behind the Cavaliers. Next up is the Trail Blazers in Portland after three days rest. There's some chicken soup for the ailing balls.