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The Bulls had some strange dunks against the Magic

Taj's Stink Face, Jo's First Dunk of the Year, Pau's Old Man Dunk

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

1. Taj's Dunk/Stink Face

Taj Gibson has been in the league for a long time, and usually he looks more grumpy that he's out there than anything else.

Witness his reaction after this rim-rattling fast break dunk:

Taj looks more tired or resigned to the fact that he has to keep on playing than excited:

Pretty poor effort on that stink face, Taj. He does have a great smile, though.

2. Pau's Old Man Dunk

Nice new inbounds play from Coach Hoiberg:

Check out Coach Skiles in the background. You can see his fury rising from the bench as he witnesses Pau slowly turtle his way across the lane in possibly one of the slowest cuts in the history of basketball.

3. Noah's First Dunk of the Year!

Jo's been struggling so far on the offensive end, but he had 6 points last night including this emphatic dunk:

Along with getting his first dunk, Noah hit his first two free throws of the year too. Everything's coming up Joakim!