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Will it just be Kirk Hinrich at PG against the Warriors Friday?

Aaron Brooks is out. Rose will "try" to play.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

[UPDATE: Rose is out against GSW]

Here's your Bulls PG injury update:

Earlier it was reported Rose would "Definitely try" and "game time decision"...which  sound different (IMO) but could possible mean the same I suppose. So we shall see. Hoiberg mentioned of Derrick, that he wanted to "get him cutting" in practice. However, it doesn't sound like that happened.

As for Aaron Brooks, he stated to the media that he "reaggravated" his hamstring after trying to play through it last night (#FredClearedHim).

One last mention on Rose, in a Tribune article, Rose stated to Johnson that his ankle "is still sore" but he hasn't experienced any swelling. Johnson also goes on to state:

...he is undergoing a battery of treatments — ice, a stimulation machine, a laser procedure.

Never having heard of laser procedures for ankles, I turned to Google. A quick search brings up a procedure called MLS laser therapy, which appears to be used on several types of sports injuries, sprains being one of them.

Here's to hoping that the fancy-smancy laser therapy works for Rose. If not, the Bulls will be woefully looking at the combination of Hinrich and Moore with the long task of slowing down Golden State's backcourt. Yikes!