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A Look Back at when Derrick Rose Sent Dragic "The Memo"

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Nick Friedell put together a nice retrospect about THE dunk. Yes, the dunk that gave Goran Dragic the "memo". Rose, Dragic, and Stacey King all reflect on that unforgettable highlight and give their sentiments on it.

Dragic is still a good sport about it all:

"I thought he was just going to lay it up," Dragic told "It was a monster dunk. I can say that it was my first and last [time] that I've got dunked on. I learn from my mistakes (laughs). I didn't know a lot about D-Rose back then. I tried to make a play. I tried to contest it."

As for King's thoughts on his now infamous call:

"I think that kind of made me famous," King said. "I think it got my catchphrases going. Because I was doing them before that, but I think once people heard that for the first time and saw the energy of that particular play, and I owe that all to Derrick Rose because you've got to have spectacular plays to be able to get that intense about a play and that was one of those plays, man. That was a game-changer."

In the midst of the story, an interesting sub-topic of Derrick's dunking ability comes into question:

"I can dunk, yeah," Rose said. "I just choose not to no more."

But dunk to the point where you almost hit your head on the bottom of the backboard?

"I'm telling you I can dunk still," Rose said with a bit of a smile. "It's just that I got brighter. I got brighter."

On the personal side, that's a bit of a downer for me. I loved seeing Rose bring the ball back with two hands over the back of his head and throw down vicious dunks. I always thought his power dunks was part of what set him apart from other point guards and really made him exciting.

This is a nice look-back on the time Dragic got "the memo".