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Will Pau Gasol Be a Bull Next Season?

Pau Gasol holds a player option for next season. Will he use it? Should he use it?

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend, KC Johnson explored the subject of Pau possibly playing his last season with the Bulls. In typical Pau fashion, he said all of the right things when asked about it:

"I don't think about that," Gasol said in a recent interview. "I'll wait to make that decision. All I'm focused on now is trying to play the best I can so that if I do opt out and explore, I have options. If I have the best season possible and work on my body and stay healthy and help this team accomplish its goals, I'll go from there."

"As long as we win, things will be fine. That's kind of the bottom line. In a team sport, you have to put the team before your interests and desires.

Depending on who you ask here in BaB, your answer will vary. Next to Derrick Rose, Pau is probably the most polarizing or lightning rod-type of person on the team. You have people who downright love what Pau brings to the team. And then you have those who feel the opposite. It's true. It's also been no surprise to anyone that Pau suffers on the defensive side of the ball. It simply never has been, nor will ever be one of his best attributes.

No matter how one feels about Pau the player and his contributions to the team, one can't deny that Pau has one of the most friendly contracts in the league. Should he pickup his player option next season, he is due just $7.7M. With the jump in salary cap on the horizon, Johnson rightly states that Pau would be "leaving money on the table" should he decide to opt in next season.

This will be an interesting story line to watch for, come the offseason. Will Pau stay with the Bulls? Will he seek one last large payday? Will he attempt to find a championship-ready team and ride off into the sunset? We'll all know by season's end.