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Fred Hoiberg says Rose's Double Vision May Last 3 Months

Fred Hoiberg gave the Tribune's KC Johnson some updates on Rose's eye injury. Rose wasn't totally on the same page as his coach

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Due to his orbital surgery in the preseason, Derrick Rose has been having problems with double vision all year. It's not clear how long this problem will persist, but Fred Hoiberg gave the media an updated timetable:

3 months sounds pretty dire.

Rose himself sounded surprised at Hoiberg's assessment:

This isn't the first time that Hoiberg and his players have not been on the same page in their comments to the media.

Hoiberg and Rose had different takes on Rose's pace of play and Joakim Noah also refuted Hoiberg's statement to the media on whose idea it was for Noah to come off the bench.

Not really a big deal if Hoiberg isn't being entirely truthful in his comments to the media, but it is kind of weird that the players are contradicting his statements.

Rose did confirm that the double vision is still a problem. He told KC in a Trib article:

"It's still blurry when I look certain ways. The depth perception of the rim, my eyes are thrown off. I'm finding ways around it, but there's no excuses. I'm not going to blame anything on it. I just know it's part of the process and something I have to deal with."

It's not really clear how much of an effect Rose's vision is having on his shooting, but he is definitely struggling to score from all over the court. All of those red zones in his shot chart are not pretty:

If his vision hampers him for much longer, that could be a very serious problem for the Bulls. The team has been better on both offense and defense in almost every major statistical category with Rose off the court so far in this young season.

Rose likened the games so far as sort of preseason for him, telling KC

"I'm missing a lot of shots I normally hit — floaters and layups. But I'm getting my legs under me. It's still preseason for me, the (ninth) game. So I'm still warming up."

Rose only played for 10 minutes in the entire preseason, so it's reasonable to think that his conditioning will improve as the regular season progresses.