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Jimmy Butler on being a leader, and the differences between Hoiberg and Thibs

Jimmy Butler provided some interesting and insightful comments throughout a recent Q&A with David Aldridge.

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Butler recently sat down with's David Aldridge in a Q&A to discuss his offseason and the upcoming season.

Throughout the Q&A, Butler had several comments that stood out. One on becoming more of a (vocal) leader:

Leadership is one of the only things that this team has really been lacking. We've had a little here and there, but I think you've got to have that guy to come in and get it done in the leadership role. We've got good enough players. I don't think that's ever been a problem. 

And a long response on the new offense (or just one word: spacing):

I think offense is a lot about spacing. Last year, at times, our spacing was terrible. We might get a basket out of it, just because we've got really good players. Now, with the spacing we have, there's going to be more driving gaps for people that drive the ball good. It's all about that spacing. It's going to make things easier for everybody. And, you're going to know where everybody's going to be on the floor. When you drive baseline, you know there's going to be a guy over there in the drift spot. You know there's going to be a guy over there in the slot. So if everybody pays attention and gets to the right spot, it's almost like you can pass the ball without even looking.
Everybody's moving. You've got so much freedom. But that's what spacing gives you. Spacing gives you that freedom. If you're on top of each other, right next to each other, you don't know what the other guy's going to do. So you can't react. But if you're spaced out and he cuts, you can fill his spot. That spacing does give you freedom. It makes you a player.

There's more, specifically on the dynamic between Thibs and Hoiberg, and how new assistant Jim Boylen put being a playmaker into a new perspective.

Check out the full Q&A for more from Butler.