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The Battle for 3-0, Bulls vs. Pistons Preview

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[Thanks to PeeJay for today's game preview. Yup, it's back! Sign up! -Alex]

The new-look Bulls under Fred Hoiberg are off to a nice start at 2-0, as are their Friday evening opponents, the Pistons. The battle for 3-0 in this young season will be in Detroit tonight at 6:30 p.m. CST.

Bulls vs Pistons coverage

The Pistons will be wearing there all-chrome jerseys tonight. Yes, they are ugly.

Coach Fred's runs the Bulls like the Spurs with a 10 man rotation, and so far we are seeing about half of the players in double digits scoring each game. The new offense opens up more shots for less skilled players and enhances our depth. It puts less pressure on our top players when we play the matchups and hot hand in this offense.

While there certainly have been flaws in the first two games, the Bulls look like they can only improve and thats a great thing after going 2-0. Keeping the 82-0 hype up for as long as possible.

Derrick Rose has refocused his game at probing and getting to the rim where he is most deadly. He looks better than last year and he still has double vision. Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson both look healthier than last season and our young guys are growing into their own, especially Nico.

Stan Van Gundy is going to make it hard for the Bulls today. The Pistons play the same as the Dwight Howard Magic with 4-out-huge-man-in. It has helped Andre Drummond average 18 points for the first two games. But his scoring is still mostly from free-throws, of which he has made 67% so far. That is twice his FT% from last year. If he keeps that up, it makes him much more dangerous.

Still, he is a terrible post player even with the space posting a 0.29 PPP on post-ups. The space forces teams to spread and Drummond has been a monster on the O-boards because of it. Their spacing will be a little bit tighter without Jodie Meeks who just injured his foot and is likely out for a few months.

Reggie Jackson is picking up where he left off and is producing well. Surprisingly, he is staying within the flow of the offense and not taking a lot of shots. He is running the team very well. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope looks like he is breaking out with this season. Stanley Johnson looked like the best rookie in Preseason. The Pistons are a young energetic team that is going to put up a hell of a fight in this game and in the Central Division. Unfortunately for them, the Bulls are more talented and should win this game.

Look for the Pistons to go to Jackson-Drummond PnR--targeting Pau Gasol--to begin the game. Pau will likely get killed if the Pistons space it correctly. But the Bulls have more favorable matchups in Jimmy Butler vs KCP, Nikola Mirotic vs the lesser Morris bro, Marcus Morris, and D-Rose vs Jackson, as well as the Bulls superior bench to Detroit's.

The Bulls should not expect an easy win, as the Pistons are going to try and prove that they are legit. They are a tough team; but, if the Bulls new system is going to be better than last year, they have to beat these teams that frequently bested them last year. They have to come out fighting.

Thanks for reading my first game preview. Go Bulls!!