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Derrick Rose is Ditching 3's, Bringing Back the Floaters

A big point of contention last year, Rose is swapping big 3 point attempts in favor of attacking the rim again.

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

It's only two games, but Derrick Rose's shot selection is markedly different from last season.

Rose was often criticized for taking a huge amount of 3's last year. The fact that he shot a very poor 28% didn't help matters either.

Rose has completely changed his shot selection this year though. While he averaged 5.3 3 point attempts per game last year, he's down to only 1.5 per game this year.

Ricky O'Donnell went through Rose's shot selection in his excellent This Week in the Bulls installment that you should definitely read:

[Rose's] shot selection has been noticeably better.

Of Derrick's 33 field goal attempts so far, only three have been three-pointers. Twelve of his attempts have come at the rim (defined as less than five feet from the hoop) and 20 of his shots been from less than eight feet, according to

Part of this shift is definitely a change in attitude and philosophy. When reporters asked Rose about his 3 point shooting last year, he was defiant and determined to prove he was capable of hitting 3's when defenses sagged off him.

For instance, ESPN's Jon Greenberg asked him last year about shooting so many 3's. Rose responded:

"My mentality is not going to change. I'm going to shoot the ball. I'm a scoring guard."

"I'm taking whatever they give me. I'm not going to let anyone dictate the way that I play. If they're giving me shots, I'm going to take them. Shots that I normally make, I'm going to keep taking them. I could care less what anyone says or talk about my game. They're giving me shots, I should be able to make those shots."

Rose's present-day attitude on his shot selection is a complete 180 from the proving people wrong mantra of last year. He seems to have embraced the idea that he should attack the rim at all costs and focus more on getting to the rim or midrange shots. He told Bleacher Report's Sean Highkin:

"I have to rebuild my game...Shooting a lot of floaters like I used to. I used to be really creative when I first got into the league, and it’s coming back to me a little bit. In practice, all I’m working on is floaters and finishing."

wrote last month on how Rose could become a dangerous player again if he forgoes his 3 point shooting and focuses on floaters and midrange.

Somehow, Rose shoots 59% on floaters. The level of difficulty on some of those shots is absurd, but it's a shot Rose is great at that he can get off at any angle in the dead zone of the court.

Rose has used his floater in the past a lot as a go-to move for game winners very effectively (even dating back to his high school days), and although it comprises a big chunk of his shots already (7.5% of all FGA), he'd benefit by eschewing so many 3's in favor of using his floater even more.

Rose's 3's really sabotaged his efficiency numbers last year, and the fact that he is finally embracing doing what he's good at (getting to the rim) is exciting news. This could be the the catalyst for a big year for Rose and the team.