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Fred Hoiberg talks the bigs rotation, why he doesn't wear a tie, and more

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

New York-based Zach Lowe just posted an interview he had with Fred Hoiberg before last night's game in Brooklyn.

As the headline says, it was a mere 'five minutes', but some interesting things. At the end it goes into some non-Bulls stuff like why he can't wear a tie, his Ipod, and his relationship with the recently-passed Flip Saunders.

The stuff about the current players is pretty notable though.

On Noah moving to the bench:

Jo actually came to me and talked to me about that. He said, basically, "I’ve always played well with Taj." He said he thought Niko and Pau played very well together, so let’s go that route. It was actually Jo that started the whole conversation. He came to me. That says a lot about him.

On Gasol closing the game in Cleveland:

Hoiberg: The great thing about Pau — he has great length. Look at his numbers. He was high up in blocked shots last year. We’ll see and monitor all that.

Lowe: The Cavs were shredding him in the pick-and-roll before that block at the end. I was surprised he was out there at first, but then I remembered Gibson had fouled out.

Hoiberg: Yeah. But he wanted to be out there, and Taj had fouled out. He’s been out there in big moments. He wanted it.

I sense a theme: if you just tell coach when you want to play, you'll play!