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Bulls vs. Dallas Mavericks PRESEASON Open Thread

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It's the preseason finale!

Some big news, as Derrick Rose is expected to play. Though only for a bit.

Hoiberg said Rose would play two "four- to five-minute stretches" and play "seven to 10 minutes" overall. Rose's first stint will come as a reserve with Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson up front. The plan is to start him in the second half with starting big men Pau Gasol and Nikola Mirotic.

Considering that Rose is still experiencing double vision, even that seems like too much, but I'm sure the Bulls know what they're doing (ha....).

Meanwhile, the Mavericks will have their starting backcourt for the first time tonight as well, as both Deron Williams and Wesley Matthews will return to action.

This game is on Omaha, Nebraska, and I've been warned that there will be a lot of Doug McDermott stans in the crowd. Though I suppose that's the case in the United Center as well. McDermott has actually had two straight low-output games so maybe this setting helps his confidence (thanks Stacey). And if not, the trip was worth it for this picture.