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Jimmy Butler thrives at the Right Baseline, the Bulls should get him there more

Fred Hoiberg should take advantage of Butler's strengths by giving the ball in the spot he shoots it the best at.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

If you looked at Jimmy Butler's chart, you would conclude one thing - It would probably be a good idea to get Butler the ball on the right baseline.

Butler's shot chart on its face isn't impressive - he scores a ton of points off free throws and drives so his raw perimeter shooting percentages aren't going to be eye-popping. But he does have a marked difference between the left and right sides of the floor, and from the right baseline he is money:

Those bright red dots peppering the right side? Those are good shots for Butler, and he clearly shoots a lot better from that side.

Last year, Butler got a healthy dose of post ups in that area. We haven't seen Hoiberg post up Butler a ton this preseason, nor have we seen Butler get touches more often on the right side. When he has gotten the ball there though, he's been able to go to his reliable jumper.

Butler is good at catch and shoots on those right baseline shots, and he will cut down there a lot.

Here's a play from last night where Butler makes a sharp cut and is ready to shoot immediately off the catch:

Butler also loves catching in the high post, which gives him room to drive down to the right baseline area. Again from last night:

Butler hasn't had a great preseason so far shooting the ball and he also hasn't had as many opportunities to isolate down in the post as he did under Thibs' offense last year. Hopefully, a lot of that will change once Rose comes back and the Bulls can start using one of their best plays.

Re-incorporate 1-2 Pick and Roll

There has been a lot of talk about how to use Rose and Butler together effectively. Tom Thibodeau came up with a pretty good solution last year by running 1-2 pick and roll.

The idea behind the play was to get Rose and Butler's defenders to switch. If a switch occurred, Butler could post up the smaller guard or Rose would have a slower defender to iso against.

(h/t: /reddit user Kumar)

This is a really great way to get Butler the ball in the post on the right side, where he can do damage best against a mismatched smaller PG.

Unfortunately, we've seen this play go into extinction during the preseason. Obviously, a lot of that is because Rose hasn't been able to play. I hope that Hoiberg breaks it out though, as it was one of the Bulls' most effective offensive plays last year.