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Bulls with 6th Easiest Strength of Schedule in NBA according to Nylon Calculus

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

[Thanks to slomotion for today's post. It was a FanPost but I bumped it -yfbb]

Nylon Calculus published some good news for Bulls fans, ranking the team with the 6th easiest strength of schedule in the NBA:

This is based on the projected strength of opponents, and unsurprisingly those ranked ahead of the Bulls are all Eastern Conference contemporaries (with the Cavs leading the way). The 'strength' is derived from Nylon Calculus's own projections, and they have the Bulls as 5th in the conference.

Further helping the Bulls will be Commisioner Adam Silver's emphasis on reducing back to backs and travel between teams. Silver has reduced back to backs by 20%, in addition to decreasing the frequency of four games in five nights by 61% from last year.

The Bulls return this year with an older, injury-prone team that will likely benefit from extra time off between games. Statistics have also suggested that Derrick Rose becomes a different player with rest.

The NBA has done its part to help out the Bulls. Now it's on the players and rookie head coach Fred Hoiberg to get the job done.