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What the Experts Are Saying About the Bulls' Offense

Lots of chatter on what the Bulls' offense looks like in the preseason. Let's take a look

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Bulls have played 5 preseason games so far, and the commentary on the offense is starting to come in.

Over at BBallBreakDown, Coach Nick (a Chicago native and excellent high school basketball coach) did one of his breakdown series on what he's seen from Hoiberg's offense so far:

There is a lot of good nitty gritty on the Bulls' offense in that video, but here are some general notes:

-Coach Nick thinks McDermott is a better fit for the offense than Dunleavy and should permanently supplant him in the rotation even when Dunleavy comes back from injury

-He suggests Jimmy Butler can potentially average 25 points per game and have a better year than Harden

-He believes if the defense holds, the Bulls are legit championship contenders

Butler Due for a Regression?

Nathan Walker of Nylon Calculus takes an opposing viewpoint from Coach Nick and thinks Butler might be due for a slight regression.

We can see that historically, a player like Butler would not project to regress by a huge margin. However, a slight decline from last year’s peak is perhaps more likely than another big leap forward, and expecting such improvement and building it into predictions for the Bulls as a team is likely a recipe for disappointment.

Walker is using historical stats to build his argument, while Coach Nick is looking more at film and taking into account a different coach and different system. It will be interesting to see whose prediction comes true!

Some General Stats on the Bulls' Offense

As a team, the Bulls' offense has been...okay so far. The team's Offensive Rating is sitting at 103.4, which is slightly below the 104.5 that the team put up last year.

The Bulls are 2nd in the league in 3 point attempts per game (30.4/gm), far eclipsing last year's total (22.3/gm).

Leading the way is Doug McDermott, who is hitting 43% of his 3's and shooting over 7 per game. Those numbers will easily put him in the top 10 in both attempts and percentage if he can maintain them during the course of the regular season.

Bobby Portis is also showing a surprising amount of range from 3. He's shooting 44% on about 2 attempts per game. While his numbers may seem like a bit of a fluke, he put up the same level of production from 3 in summer league. Portis was never a huge 3 point shooter in college, so this addition to his game is a pleasant surprise for the Bulls.