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The Bulls' Defense has been bad this preseason

Really really bad

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

It's merely preseason, but so far, the Bulls' defense has suffered a precipitous drop since coach Fred Hoiberg took over for defensive stalwart Tom Thibodeau.  Although fans hoped that Thibodeau's defensive philosophies would carry over with Hoiberg's innovative offensive schemes, the Bulls' defense has completely fallen apart.

Teams are continuing where they left off last year, running numerous high pick and rolls to exploit Pau Gasol on defense.  While Thibodeau did a great job hiding subpar defenders such as Carlos Boozer in his defensive system, he was criticized for not working the same magic with Pau.

However, the difference between Pau last year and this year is already quite noticeable, and without a plan of attack, teams are picking apart the Bulls' defense at will.

This pick and roll defense makes Pau look bad, as you can see Detroit gets an easy uncontested jumper.  The problem here could also be a matter of communication, as McDermott switches, rather than trying to recover back to his man.

Pau is probably confused here because in Thibodeau's defense, guards were typically asked to fight through screens and recover, while Pau zoned up.  When McDermott switches and falls behind the play, Pau is left on an island and forced to guard a player that is much too fast for him.

In this sequence, Noah adeptly guards two pick and rolls, but Pau blows the possession by falling asleep.  Keep an eye on how Pau stays camped in the lane, and is too far to recover to his man upon ball reversal.

The result is an efficient shot for Detroit, a wide open corner three.  This is the exact play the Bulls were so good at preventing last year, where a focal point of Thibodeau's defense was to take away the corner 3.

Here you can see a lack of philosophy, as Jimmy tries to cheat to blow up another pick and roll against Pau.  He ends up trying to defend three different Pistons, resulting in another uncontested corner three.

Thibodeau asked his defenders to be on a string, with multiple efforts and helpers helping helpers.  Instead, Jimmy is on a yo-yo, trying to guard half of the floor by himself.

The result is that the Bulls have been one of the worst defensive teams this preseason, playing on par with joke Washington Generals Euro teams brought in to spread global interest in the NBA.

That's right, the Bulls are playing worse defense than Istanbul Fenerbahce Ulker.  Let that sink in for a moment.

Hoiberg has three preseason games remaining to fix this mess.  If the Bulls can't climb out of the defensive cellar, expect a long season forthcoming.