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Derrick Rose's son had a totally tubular 'Ninja Turtles' birthday party

Not as good as Derrick's Duck Dynasty costume a few years back, but close.

Whenever anyone asks the secret to my success as an extremely wealthy and powerful Chicago sports blogger, I tell them: it's easy, just follow P.J. Rose's mom on Instagram. Ms. Mieka Reese, who has previously gifted us with gems like Derrick wearing Mickey Mouse ears and P.J. chilling with Yasiel Puig, posted some of her most important work to date on Sunday: exclusive images of P.J.'s "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" themed third birthday party.

This may seem like a strange concept for a toddler's birthday party if you're an '80s-born Ninja Turtles purist like myself, but the Rose crew undoubtedly pulled it off. Look at that little Leonardo mask:

#PjTurns3 #ModernDayMom #JordyCakes My team is AMAZING!!!!!!!! NONE of this would of happened w/o them!!!

A photo posted by Mariah Malone (@moderndaymom_eventsanddesign) on

We're all smiles! Mission accomplished! #PjTurns3 #ModernDayMom

A photo posted by Mariah Malone (@moderndaymom_eventsanddesign) on

The cake situation was serious:

And you already know P.J. looked great suited and booted:

Just wait until you're old enough to play the arcade game, kid:

Pj Ninja Turtle Bash

A photo posted by Pj Mommy (@miekajoi_) on

Oh and hey: D. Rose's face doesn't look too beat up? That's good news, even amid reports that he's healing slowly. If he's coming back in a mask, might as well make it a Michelangelo one. Update: OK, D. Rose's face is still looking pretty broken.