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Chicago Bulls sign another Chicago native to training camp roster

this picture is 7 years old
this picture is 7 years old
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Bulls announced today they signed Stefhon Hannah to their training camp roster. This point guard has everything. Kidding, he's probably just around since Derrick Rose won't be for two weeks.

I do find it amusing that it's another camp invitee from Chicago. I think the Bulls are just trying to save on their expense reports. After starring at Hyde Park Career Academy, Hannah played some college ball at Missouri and bounced around D-League as well as internationally.  He did win the D-League defensive player of the year award in 2012 and 2013.

He's 30, and has no chance of making the roster. But really, nobody signed for camp does. The Bulls have 13 players with full guaranteed contracts and are already in the tax, and Cameron Bairstow has a partial guarantee so will probably be number 14. The Bulls never carry the maximum 15 guys.

But even so, the cronyism is a bit much, though the Bulls are probably not alone. All 4 signees so far are some combination of being from Chicago, played for a Gar Forman Iowan (Hoiberg or Floyd), or represented by Tellem/Wasserman. Wait, there's also Cristiano Felicio, who I can now only assume has a cousin with a house in the area.