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Bulls to celebrate 50th anniversary in 2015-16

Chicago Basketball is golden.

via @chicagobulls

The 2015-16 season will be the Chicago Bulls' 50th NBA season, so naturally the Bulls are going to celebrate their 50th birthday throughout this upcoming campaign. The team announced Thursday their plans to commemorate a half-century of Bulls Basketball, revealing the "Chicago Basketball is golden" theme and many other things that'll be done this season to celebrate:

First of all, shouts to Jimmy Butler for getting a spot in this. The logo featured here will be worn as a patch on the Bulls' uniforms this season, and there were three different colors (white, red and black) created to go with the different jerseys the team will wear this season.

As part of this celebration, there will be six "Decade Nights" at the United Center throughout the year, with one occurring each month. The most notable is Jan. 20 against the defending champion Warriors (what up Ron Adams). That'll be "80s Night" and the Bulls' 50th Birthday Celebration.

The other "Decade Nights" are as follows:

Each of these dates will feature special giveaways and halftime performances, which I'm sure will be riveting. There will be plenty of other stuff going on, so be sure to read the Bulls' whole release for all that important information.

Let's hope that Chicago Basketball actually is golden in 2015-16 season.