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Bulls vs. Warriors final score: Derrick Rose's jumper gives Chicago wild overtime victory

I have no idea what just happened.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Honestly, I have no idea what just happened.

With no Jimmy Butler and Mike Dunleavy, it would have been pretty easy to count out the Bulls against the 36-6 Warriors, who had won 19 straight games at Oracle Arena heading into play tonight. And after the first few minutes, it looked like it was going to be a blowout. Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry were cooking and Oracle was rocking.

But the night ended with a gassed Derrick Rose making a long 2 over Klay Thompson and Thompson missing a wide open floater in overtime at the buzzer, and the Bulls somehow pulled out a 113-111 victory to end the Warriors' home winning streak:

What happened in between the Warriors' hot start and the end of the game was basically just a bunch of weirdness. Rose finished with 30 points, but he shot 13-of-33 overall and 4-of-12 from three (including some wretched threes late in the game), and he also turned the ball over a whopping 11 times in 43 minutes. The best bad game ever.

The Warriors missed all 13 three-pointers they took in the second half and overtime. After starting 8-of-15 from three, Golden State finished 9-of-33. If my math is correct, that's one of their last 18 from three. That doesn't happen very often, and while the Bulls played better defense as the game went on, they caught a ton of breaks on wide open looks.

Specifically, Curry missed a wide open three late in regulation that would have put the Warriors up eight with just under two minutes left. Thompson then missed a good look at three the next possession. Rose and Kirk Hinrich absolutely deserve credit for stepping up the perimeter defense (Rose was impressive on Curry and Hinrich did a good job denying Thompson the ball as the game went on), but again, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. Or lucky AND good. Curry and Thompson combined to shoot 12-of-36 over the last three quarters and overtime.

Speaking of luck and Hinrich, the Bulls were in trouble again in the final minute when Kirk passed up several wide open shots and both Rose and Joakim Noah missed shots down one. The Warriors secured the rebound, but Curry committed a boneheaded turnover, and Rose found Hinrich wide open for a three to put the Bulls up two. Not only did Hinrich make his first three after bricking all his others, but it was Rose's first assist of the night. Of course, Draymond Green sent the game to overtime thanks to an offensive rebound tap-in because weirdest game ever.

Oh, and Hinrich had about the most Hinrich-y stat line ever: 38 minutes, 5 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 2-of-8 shooting overall, 1-of-6 shooting from three, +10

The weirdness didn't stop there. Noah actually looked like Noah, which is weird these days. He had 18 points, 15 rebounds and six assists, and seven of those rebounds were on the offensive glass. The Bulls stayed in the game early on thanks to their work on the offensive boards, as the Warriors missed the presence of Andrew Bogut, who was out with the flu. Chicago racked up 19 offensive rebounds and 24 second chance points, which helped offset Golden State's 31-8 advantage in fast break points.

Pau Gasol was also a part of this dominance on the boards, and he finished with a monster stat line of 18 points, 16 rebounds, eight assists and four blocks. Gasol shot 7-of-12 and probably should have been fed more, but he did the best he could with his opportunities on offense.

With Butler and Dunleavy out, we saw a lot of the three-big lineup with Nikola Mirotic at small forward. Mirotic had some nice contributions with 12 points and seven boards in 31 minutes, so that was great to see. Taj Gibson struggled to finish inside and appeared to suffer some kind of lower-body injury, but he had 10 points and nine rebounds and provided some nice energy in the first half. Aaron Brooks added 10 points off the bench.

It's not often you see the Warriors have their foot on the throat of an opponent and blow it, but that's what happened tonight. Golden State held a rather comfortable lead early in the fourth quarter, but four straight missed free throws allowed Chicago to get back in it. An underrated stat of the night was the fact that the Warriors went just 6-of-12 from the line, while the Bulls went 21-of-23. (Rose somehow took none, despite a ton of aggression.)

Of course, Chicago deserves credit for constantly fighting back. Every time Golden State threw one of its patented punches, the Bulls fought back. I really have no idea what to take from this game because of all the weird stuff that happened, but this is a phenomenal start to a six-game road trip. I think the only thing I'll take from this game is this Bulls team is both very good and very strange.