GarPax vs. Beetlejuice: "Van Gundy Owes Chairman Jer an Apology!"

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Always fascinating to note what gets John Paxson to poke his head out of his Undisclosed Location:

"Tom Thibodeau isn't being undermined at all," said John Paxson, executive vice president of basketball operations. "What's being undermined is the entire Bulls organization by Van Gundy, who has an agenda against our organization for whatever reason and has for years. I guess he thinks he's trying to protect his friend, but he's doing just the opposite. It's pretty pathetic when you think about it, and truth be told he owes Jerry Reinsdorf an apology for his disparaging remarks."

In Paxson’s entire statement, there’s not one word addressing Thibodeau’s job security.

I’m well aware that it’s Bulls policy to not address these things (and that they have local media who don’t force the issue — witness that Phil Jackson has been compelled to address Derek Fisher’s status already and I think he was happy to do it), but I think it would have given his statement far more force. It makes you wonder why he issued the statement at all?

Pax also said:

I guess he thinks he’s trying to protect his friend, but he’s doing just the opposite.

Like all of you, I am only an apprentice in the arcane field of Garpaxinology, but what could this possibly mean?

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