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Luol Deng tribute video for his return to the United Center

Above was the tribute video (via) to Luol Deng played in the first half of the Bulls loss to the Heat. Sunday was Deng's first game in the United Center as a visitor, having being traded midseason last year to the Cavs and then signing as a free agent with Miami in the offseason.

It's nice. Deng was the man. And, unsurprisingly, still is. As you can see near the end, he was all business as the video played (during a timeout), though ABC showed during the telecast Deng embracing both ex-teammates and people working in the building. Deng spoke about that earlier in the weekend:

Obviously, I was there since I just turned 19. I left at 28, so I was there a long time. So there's definitely going to be emotion. I think it's more of seeing the people that really work at the United Center, more than anything. I've seen my teammates; I've seen the coaching staff.

The guys who used to park the cars, the security guards who where there since Day 1, the lady who takes care of the family room, that's going to be the emotional part...It's a lot of fans, especially courtside, that I've seen forever. So that would be emotional.