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Joakim Noah injury: ankle sprain has Noah out for the weekend

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Joakim Noah is officially out for tonight's game in Boston, with the sprained ankle he suffered at the end of the first half against Washington.

Thibodeau also mentioned an MRI to take place tomorrow, so we should probably assume he'll be out for that night's big showdown against the Hawks.

Noah, of course, has been battling injury (or at least recovery) all season. An offseason 'minor' procedure may have well been a meniscus tear, and he's not had the same mobility (at least on a sustained level) he did last season, a huge factor in what makes him a great player.

Joakim also has had some ankle sprains, and this very same one cost him a few games in early December. He's also nursing a hand injury, and has wearing a shirt under his jersey for some reason.

I haven't seen any official discussion of a planned 'shutdown' of Noah to let him completely heal. It seems like a solid idea, but I don't see a reason to believe they'd treat this like any other injury. Just have to hope they do the non-Bullsian thing and not rush back, where this ankle injury exacerbates the knee or vice versa.

It was also announced today that both Dunleavy and McDermott remain out.

Update: here's video of Noah discussing the injury