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Chicago Bulls vs. Washington Wizards game preview, injury report, lineups

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

This is kind of an important test tonight. The Bulls have been playing quite poorly lately, but it remains to be seen if that's just a part-of-82-games blip or if they're really in long rut heading into a pretty tough portion of the schedule.

Because they have a lot of interesting circumstances for tonight's game against the Wizards:

So we could be seeing a very telling 3-game stretch ahead where the Bulls get some big wins over these Wizards and the conference-leading Hawks and all will be right again in Bulls-land. It wasn't that long ago where the Bulls were on a big winning streak and playing the best ball in the entire league.

The change in that time probably should be considered more than it has been. Mike Dunleavy is still out, and word today is that he's not even running yet without pain. The injury itself seemed weird at the time, and all we've heard since is the usual sketchy Bulls-sourced prognoses, but Dunleavy's own admission means it may be a while still.

All else seems merely ok from the injury standpoint. Taj Gibson sure was flexing his wrist a lot yesterday, but isn't missing time. Joakim Noah is the obviously bigger question, as though he insists he's not experienced a setback and is still just working his way back post-surgery (and maybe a meniscus tear?, the result on the floor just hasn't looked good lately. More minutes from the bench bigs could be a temporary solution, but ultimately the Bulls need Noah to be better.

The Wizards have no injuries, what the hell...

This is a national TV game tonight, ESPN at 7pm, which means you only have yourselves to blame if you listen to Neil and Stacey.