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Derrick Rose to play vs. Magic, Mike Dunleavy could return this week

Rose's knee checked out fine and Dunleavy's ankle is getting better.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

R-E-L-A-X everybody, Derrick Rose is fine:

Rose missed the Bucks victory on Saturday due to left knee soreness, and there was a chance he was going to get an MRI after a visit to Dr. Brian Cole. However, that MRI wasn't needed:

So it appears Rose sitting was just a precautionary measure, and the fact that the Bulls were on a back-to-back provided a nice excuse to be safe as well. Rose hasn't been playing well over the last few weeks (shooting 27.9 percent over last eight games), and perhaps some fatigue in that knee has contributed to that. His jumper is all out of sorts and he's having a ton of problems finishing at the rim.

While Rose will play against the Magic, Mike Dunleavy will not, although he could be back this week:

Dunleavy had an MRI over the weekend, but it seems nothing serious turned up. The Bulls have really missed his ability to space the floor, which is another one of the reasons the offense has tanked of late. It will certainly be good to get him back as soon as possible.