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FIBA World Cup: Derrick Rose scores 4 in Team USA win over Ukraine

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Caught my first extended FIBA action today, a final group-play game that the US didn't need to win and the announcers spent an inordinate amount of time talking about the various seeding/tiebreaker scenarios for the other teams. The US won handily after another slow start against Ukraine.

But on to what matters: 3rd game in a row, and 5th in 6 days, for Derrick Rose. And he came out unscathed, but also showing more of the same issues making baskets. Rose finished just 2-9 from the field. His only shots outside of the paint were a badly missed mid-range jumper and a casual three-pointer in the final minute (he had come back in only because Kyrie Irving left following a bad fall).

Defensively he didn't look too great, something I was trying to watch for hearing that it was one part of his game that looked better in this tournament. At times he was beat by marginal-NBA player Pooh Jeter. Some of that was due to scheme as they really had Rose playing up on the Ukrainian guard. And really, Rose is being used as the primary defender on the ball which is encouraging in and of itself.

Despite the misses, Rose at least looked comfortable out there which is all I can ask for this early in his return. He had 4 assists and zero turnovers. One of his rebounds was on a nice and quick secondary-jump off his own miss, an encouraging display of athleticism.

And one of his 2 baskets was this: a Derrick Rose move!

So that was neat.