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Team USA vs. Lithuania recap: Derrick Rose goes 1-of-8, Americans advance to World Cup final

Rose was aggressive against Lithuania, but he missed several layups and couldn't make it two strong efforts in a row.

David Ramos

Team USA played a pretty dreadful first half against Lithuania in the semifinals of the FIBA Basketball World Cup, but in typical fashion, the Americans pulled away in the second half to earn a 96-68 victory and a spot in the World Cup final. James Harden and Kyrie Irving led the charge for Team USA in the second half after Klay Thompson carried them in the first.

While last game was pretty much all sunshine and rainbows for Derrick Rose, the same can't be said about this performance. The aggressiveness certainly wasn't lacking, but the missed layups were back and the jumper remains a major struggle. After going 0-of-4 from long range against Lithuania (one was a last-second heave), Rose is now 1-of-17 from distance in the World Cup. The Bulls guard went 1-of-8 overall with four points in the win.

Rose also committed three turnovers, with all three coming almost immediately upon entering the game. They were kinda bogus though, with one of them being a phantom travel and another a Daequan Cook special that wiped out a three-pointer that he actually made. For shame.

So, um, yeah. Not too much good to say about this one for Rose other than he generated some good looks for himself and stayed healthy. There was also one really sweet dish to DeMarcus Cousins. But again, good health and at least LOOKING okay is what's most important right now. The gold-medal game is on Sunday against either France or Serbia.