Bulls News Review: Butler extension, Barbosa, Cavs

Hi all, this is my first fanpost here on BaB. I thought I'd just take a moment to highlight some key, relevant news that wasn't getting much attention in this generally slow segment of the NBA news cycle. I will try to keep any additional commentary brief, and let the article passages speak for themselves.

I look forward to hearing all your lovely, even (or especially) hateful thoughts.

Extension Candidate: Jimmy Butler

August 25, 2014 By Chuck Myron of Hoopsrumors

It appears as though Chicago would like to keep Butler around, as I surmised last month when I predicted that the Bulls and the Happy Walters client would come to terms on a four-year, $42MM extension. That’s $9MM more than Gibson saw, but there’d still be a decent chance that it would end up a relative bargain for the Bulls, particularly if the deal is backloaded.

Myron seems to believe that Butler is worth the extension noted above to the extent that he proves himself able to rebound back onto his growth trajectory preceding the 2013-2014 season.

Chicago Bulls: No Reason To Bring In Leandro Barbosa

August 23, 2014 by Zach Libby of HoopsHabit

Leandro Barbosa, 31, has spent this summer unemployed since his contract expired with the Phoenix Suns last season. Now, he hopes that a team like the Chicago Bulls, who are rumored to have interest in the Brazilian native, are willing to take a chance on him for another run at an NBA title.

The Cavaliers' Kevin Love plan

August 23, 2014 by Brian Windhorst of ESPN

This piece isn't explicitly about the Bulls, but in an alternate (2 superstar) universe, it really could be. Almost longform, but worth a read.

It has long been said that chance favors the prepared. Add these events to that file. The Cavs were prepared and received a remarkable string of fortunate events, none of which overshadowed that the best player in the league was born just down the road.

Bulls News Question:

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