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NBA Free Agency rumors: Carmelo Anthony decision day?

Jeff Gross

Oh hey everyone, what happened all last week?

It looks like Carmelo Anthony spent his holiday weekend 'deciding', and we may have an answer today. Hopefully. I mean, not because the Bulls seem to be in a great position to win this derby, but at least we'll know.

It'll take some time to dig through the ruins of the Bulls Carmelo pitch if it indeed failed (if it succeeded? No time needed, just effusive praise and disbelief towards everyone), but it sounds like the Bulls did their thing and it wasn't enough. Enough money. Like, they didn't even really talk about it. So while since the end of last week it seemed like the Knicks were in the drivers seat (I think the report of Noah admitting this is what finally ended me), the chatter over the weekend included the Lakers as not only a possibility but maybe even leapfrogging the Bulls.

Bulls Free Agency Tracker

KC Johnson thinks this could potentially help the Bulls to bring in a 3rd suitor (I don't quite see it), but offers no update on the Bulls and Melo. Aggrey Sam had a huge report up Sunday which I recommend checking out: it included stuff on the silly Rose situation, Mirotic, and contingency plans galore. I didn't say they were particularly exciting plans, but plans nonetheless.

Elsewhere around the NBA, it was kind of a vacuum filled by horrible nonsense. We'll hopefully get more concrete stuff today on LeBron and Bosh and whoever, and a decision by Melo. No matter where it is.