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NBA Free Agency: Carlos Boozer claimed on Amnesty waivers by Lakers

get that, Kobe!

Jonathan Daniel

Carlos Boozer was waived earlier in the week by the Bulls, and today was reportedly picked up by the Lakers.

The Lakers did not have much cap room at all, so it's possible the Lakers 'won' with the minimum bid of ~%1.5m. The actual figure should be coming out shortly.

The amount only affects the payroll, however ownership wants to define that. It does not affect the Bulls salary cap or luxury tax.

As far as what the Lakers are thinking, who knows. They just drafted a power forward in Julius Randle, and have since re-signed Jordan Hill and just earlier today added Ed Davis at the minimum. With the way Boozer's declined, you can't even figure if this is a win-now or tanking move, heh.

But fear not: he cannot be traded back to the Bulls.