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Kirk Hinrich re-signs with Bulls

It was his destiny, you see.

This is how I feel about Kirk returning
This is how I feel about Kirk returning
Jonathan Daniel

In what should probably be characterized as the surest thing of the offseason, Kirk Hinrich is returning to the Bulls:

The Hornets fell out of the Hinrich "chase" after signing Brian Roberts for point-guard depth. It probably didn't even matter if they did keep chasing Hinrich, because it was his destiny to return to Chicago.

The terms of the deal haven't been reported, but K.C. Johnson offered up the idea of the room exception, which is about $2.7 million in the first year and can be up to two years:


I was worried the Bulls would look to use the room exception on Hinrich. I honestly wouldn't mind him back at the minimum, and there's still a chance it could be the minimum. That would then allow the Bulls to use the room exception on another player. But if it is the room (or cap space even), that would be pretty Bulls.

Hinrich coming back at the room would likely eliminate the chances of D.J. Augustin returning to Chicago [UPDATE by your friendly BullsBlogger, 07/13/14 8:33 PM CDT: Augustin has signed with the Detroit Pistons . I'm not even sure if the room would be enough to bring back Augustin based on some of the deals handed out this offseason, but he had talked about possibly taking a bit of a discount to stay. However, I can't envision him staying at the minimum and I doubt the Bulls use any of their remaining cap space to bring him back.

If Augustin does depart, it still wouldn't be surprising to see the Bulls go shopping for another bargain point guard. Guys like Jameer NelsonRamon Sessions and Jordan Crawford are out there, although I'm thinking they don't go for the minimum. I could see Aaron Brooks signing from the minimum, and I actually wouldn't mind that signing at all.

But for now, your backup point guard is Kirk Hinrich. Thibs absolutely loves him (as does the org.), and I'm already envisioning Hinrich and Derrick Rose closing games together. This is my nightmare.


Technically, this doesn't necessarily mean the Bulls will use the room exception on Hinrich. If the Bulls actually found a way to acquire Pau Gasol in a sign-and-trade, they'd stay above the cap and could use the bi-annual exception or Early Bird rights to sign him for more than the minimum without using an exception.


It's the full room AND a player option