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Dwyane Wade and Kirk Hinrich is your new Chicago Bulls backup plan

Save us, Carmelo.

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Stop Woj, just stop. They're already dead.

I prepared myself for this scenario following LeBron's decision to go back to Cleveland, but seeing the words right there on the computer screen constricted my throat to the size of pencil tip. I can barely breathe and I'm starting to feel a little lightheaded. This is the nuclear option for the Bulls' offseason, and mere possibility that it could happen kind of makes me want to crawl back into bed forever. Free agency is pure evil, and never forget it.

Dwyane Wade and Kirk Hinrich is no way to spend your cap space in the offseason, this much we know. It's also no way to head into the weekend as a Bulls fan. As such, let's stay positive and think about ways this can be avoided. If not, there's always baseball and whiskey.

  • The Bulls are still in it with Carmelo! He won't decide Friday, but he might Saturday. The Bulls reportedly have some momentum with Tom Thibodeau acting as the recruiter everyone always wanted D. Rose to be. If Melo wants to come here, the Bulls and Knicks have to work out a sign and trade. Signing Melo with cap space is a terrible option for all three parties - the Bulls, the Knicks and Carmelo. New York needs assets, so toss them Nikola Mirotic, Tony Snell and a bunch of draft picks as a sweetener for accepting Boozer.  I think New York would probably cave in and do this, despite reports they want no part of Booz.
  • Wade is probably going back to Miami. He didn't opt out of $40 million over the final two years of a contract to take the mid-level exception in Chicago. Come on. That is just not feasible. Miami has already offered the max to Chris Bosh, and I expect them to offer Wade about $44 million over four years to finish his career as a member of the Heat. He deserves it after all he's done for that organization.
  • Hinrich .... might sign for the minimum. I still don't want this because Thibs would probably play him crunch-time minutes, but at least he isn't taking up much cap space. I expect the Craptain to be back, but at least we'll always have our jokes.