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NBA Free Agency: Wait Wait Wait

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Needed a new post, because still nothing has happened.

With LeBron it's not that strange, he hasn't decided and only people trying to figure out a timeline is this mass fringe-element of the Cleveland pseudo-media. Which you really should never listen to.

For Carmelo, well...we had the big report from Frank Isola (neither fringe, pseudo, or based in Ohio) saying the Knicks were the choice and we'd hear Thursday.

But we haven't heard yet, and neither have the Knicks. From Chris Herring of the Wall Street Journal:

Phil Jackson says he hasn't heard anything from Carmelo yet...he "really felt he struck a chord with Carmelo" during their meeting...he's texted Carmelo since their meeting, but hasn't gotten responses back from him...says he's expects an answer from Carmelo today, but that he also expected one yesterday and the day before that, too....Melo's camp is "amenable to what we're trying to do" w cap. Says there are about 5 options on table as to how much $ Melo could take [from Knicks]