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Joakim Noah named to All-NBA 1st Team

Noah gets a well-deserved honor...and a $500,000 bonus.

Jonathan Daniel

Bulls center Joakim Noah has been named to the All-NBA First Team, along with Kevin Durant, LeBron James, James Harden and Chris Paul. By earning this spot on the team, Noah will also receive a $500,000 bonus that will take a small chunk out of any cap space the Bulls may have this summer.

Noah drew the third most votes behind Durant and James, joining Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Derrick Rose as the only Bulls to make the First Team. Here's a full look at the voting.

This is a well-deserved honor for Noah, who also took home the Defensive Player of the Year award this season and was named to the All-Defensive First Team. Noah started the year slow after a groin injury in preseason, but he basically put the team on his back when Derrick Rose went down and Luol Deng was traded. Noah also finished fourth in MVP voting.

Noah put forth one of the most unique seasons in NBA history, averaging 12.6 points, 11.3 rebounds, 5.4 assists and 1.5 blocks. He was the anchor of the Bulls' stingy defense, and the offense often ran through him at the high post once Rose went down.

Coming down the stretch of the season, I felt like it was neck and neck between Noah and Dwight Howard for the center spot on the All-NBA First Team, but when Howard started missing games toward the end of the year, that essentially locked it up for Jo. Howard did make the All-NBA Second Team, along with Blake Griffin, Stephen Curry, Kevin Love and Tony Parker.

The All-NBA Third Team consists of Damian Lillard, Goran Dragic, Paul George, LaMarcus Aldridge and Al Jefferson. By getting named to the Third Team, George will get the Rose Rule bump in his contract, although it's not the full 30 percent. Conspicuously absent from the teams was Carmelo Anthony.

And finally, no, the Bulls won't pay the tax because of Noah's bonus. Financial Champs!