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Bulls to get 1st meeting with Carmelo Anthony, per report

Better have that PowerPoint presentation ready.

The Bulls will be the first team to make their pitch to Carmelo Anthony in free agency, according to ESPN's Marc Stein. Free agency officially begins at 12:01 a.m. ET on Tuesday, and Anthony is reportedly arranging a trip to Chicago to meet with Bulls brass that day.

We've already exhausted most of the Anthony-to-Bulls scenarios, so there's no point in really going over them again. The Bulls will almost certainly ask Anthony to take some type of discount, and they'll try and sell him on forming a Big Three in Chicago with Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah. Tom Thibodeau is also a major draw, as is remaining in the Eastern Conference.

If the Bulls can sell Anthony on coming to Chicago, and he makes it known to Phil Jackson that he really wants to leave, perhaps a sign-and-trade can be worked out. Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears reported Friday the Knicks and Anthony have had no discussions of a possible sign-and-trade, although things could certainly change.

The ideal sign-and-trade scenario involves Boozer going to New York, but as of now, the Knicks have little interest in Boozer. But again, maybe that changes if Anthony says he really wants to go to Chicago. The Bulls have been considered a front-runner for Anthony's services, and there are a decent amount of people around the league who seem to think he's headed to Chicago.

Despite all the bluster, I'm still somewhat skeptical Anthony signs with the Bulls. I just can't bring myself to get too excited after what happened in 2010. Anthony has said he loves New York City, and he has expressed concern about uprooting his family. Jackson is also reportedly willing to offer Anthony a max contract if necessary to keep him there, despite all the talk of a pay cut. The Knicks have also already made some moves to shake things up, and they remain confident in their chances of re-signing Anthony, according to Stein.

Anthony will visit the Rockets and Mavericks on Wednesday, and he'll also have a meeting with the Lakers next week. I'd like to think having the first meeting is a plus, but honestly, I have no freaking clue.