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NBA Draft 2014: McDermott trade official

Bulls also receive Anthony Randolph.

ignore the hat!
ignore the hat!
Mike Stobe

This is mostly to get another post up for draft-watching, but the Bulls have officially announced their trade for Doug McDermott:

Chicago receives McDermott, along with Anthony Randolph, a 6-11, 225-pound forward with six years of NBA experience, in exchange for its two first round selections—Jusuf Nurkic and Gary Harris, taken 16th and 19th respectively—and the lesser of the Bulls’ two 2015 second round picks (Chicago’s and Portland’s).

The inclusion of Randolph eliminates the theory that this deal was about saving cap space. It may be about adding useable contracts for a sign/trade, but one sticking point with even that is Randolph can't be part of a trade package for 2 more months, since he's just been traded.

[even that's not exactly cut-and-dry, as if the Bulls are under the cap that rule doesn't apply and Randolph can be used...but amnestying Boozer AND doing a sign/trade is hard figure]

The Bulls have pick #49.