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NBA Draft rumors: Nuggets acquire Arron Afflalo

former Magic SG was a rumored Bulls target.

Christian Petersen

It's draft day! There were some moves last night, and we have another, with the Nuggets acquiring their former SG Arron Afflalo from the Magic for Evan Fournier and their second-round pick.

The Bulls were rumored to have been in on Afflalo, though it was tough to determine whether that was part of a Carmelo Anthony pursuit or a backup plan for cap space if that option failed.

From another angle: the Nuggets had been mentioned as a suitor for Kevin Love, and it was reported an acquisition of Afflalo would be part of that package. However early word after this trade is that they intend to keep Afflalo.

With their #11 pick not being included, the Nuggets were able to do this while not giving up much. What was working in their favor in terms of timing was a large trade exception (from an ironic source) to absorb Afflalo's contract. For the Bulls to do a similar move (say: Snell and a future pick), it would've had to have been after the draft, when the Bulls had freed up cap space.