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NBA rumors: Bulls to get meeting with Carmelo, Tyson Chandler traded to Mavericks

And so it begins.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

[UPDATE by your friendly BullsBlogger, 06/25/14 9:27 PM CDT: let's keep this thread 'around the NBA' for now, and this could also have obvious Melo impact: The Rockets just traded our old friend Omer Asik to the Pelicans for a 2015 first round pick. I would say I remember being told that contract wouldn't be moveable, but that's not fair to the many many people who saw otherwise. ]

I have a friend who likes to say football is the best sport to watch in the moment, baseball is the best sport to look back on what happened in the past and basketball is the best sport to contemplate the future. If that's true, the NBA offseason is really every bit as fun as the actual season. This thing is just getting underway, so let's hit a quick roundup of what we know is happening.

  • Melo is plans on meeting with three teams, the Bulls, the Mavs and the Rockets. Better luck never, Lakers. Keep in mind that this is from Chris Broussard. Where's my sign?
  • Hey, our first move of the offseason! The Mavericks are acquiring Tyson Chandler and reluctantly accepting Raymond Felton and his high-carb diet in exchange for Shane Larkin, Jose Calderon, Wayne Ellington, Samuel Dalembert and two second round picks. How does this affect Carmelo's situation, if at all?

The Knicks are going to have a lot of open cap space a year from now, but does Melo really want to waste another year of his prime? We shall find out pretty soon.