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Bulls draft rumors: Chicago eyeing trade with Kings to take Doug McDermott, per report

The Bulls have reportedly had talks with the Kings about the No. 8 pick, with eyes on the Creighton star.

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It has been reported all over that the Bulls aren't keen on bringing in two rookies to be on the roster next season, and ESPN's Chad Ford has already said they've looked at moving up to No. 11 to draft either Nik Stauskas or Gary Harris. We now have a new rumor from the Sporting News' Sean Deveney, who says the Bulls have talked to the Kings about the No. 8 pick. The target? Doug McDermott.

The Bulls need offense, and McDermott provided boatloads of it in his four years at Creighton. McDermott is one of the top shooters in the draft along with Stauskas, and the 22-year-old was the best scorer in college basketball last season. McDermott averaged 26.7 points on 52.6 percent shooting overall while knocking down 44.9 percent of his threes en route to the National Player of the Year award. His junior and sophomore seasons were very prolific as well, and he averaged 21.7 points on 55.0 percent shooting in his four seasons at Creighton.

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So what's not to like about an efficient scorer who can shoot the hell out of the ball? There are a good amount of questions about how McDermott's effectiveness will translate to the NBA. He's not a bad athlete by any means, but he's not great and there are questions about what position he'll play. He's also not that great off the dribble and will likely struggle to defend at the next level.

In terms of making a deal with the Kings, Deveney curiously doesn't mention trading Taj Gibson, instead just mentioning the two first-rounders the Bulls currently own. I myself have been skeptical about the Kings wanting to trade the No. 8 pick for Gibson, but if Taj wasn't involved in the talks, I'm not sure why the Kings would want to trade back and take on an extra pick when they've talked about looking to add veterans. Perhaps the Bulls would be willing to offer Nikola Mirotic, but is that worth it?

The Bulls would certainly prefer to keep Gibson and sell off other parts in order to acquire Carmelo Anthony, but it may not be possible. Making a deal with the Kings for No. 8 to open up cap space (or include in a Kevin Love deal?) wouldn't be a bad idea, although I do have to note that Sacramento would have to offload salary in order to take on Gibson. That salary would ideally not go to the Bulls, so a third team would have to get involved.

But if the Bulls are looking to use that No. 8 pick, McDermott wouldn't be my guy, although Ricky called the McBuckets interest awhile ago. I wouldn't mind McDermott at all if he fell to No. 16, but I wouldn't be too stoked about trading up for him. I'd probably get over it if Bulls wound up getting Anthony, however, I still wouldn't consider it a good pick.