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Chicago Bulls rumors: report says Chicago more active and aggressive than before

Jonathan Daniel

The San Antonio Spurs were crowned 2014 champs last night, and Joe Cowley of the Sun-Times was there and helped kick-start the offseason from the Bulls perspective.

According to several NBA sources Sunday, the Bulls have been actively looking to improve the starting lineup at almost any cost, with Derrick Rose the only untouchable player — and not by choice.

"They are looking to exhaust as many assets as it will take,’’ one source said of general manager Gar Forman and head of basketball operations John Paxson.


Carmelo Anthony is still Plan A as the Bulls and the rest of the NBA await to see if the Knicks forward will opt out of his contract. But the Bulls are more active in their pursuit of Kevin Love than initially rumored.

[translating that first bit: Rose is, understandably, considered damaged goods around the league. And Noah would technically be on the table]

This report suggests the Bulls have been more aggressive than what we've been hearing locally (including from Cowley himself) so far, where it was looking more like the 'plan' was to hope Melo would take less money to join a Bulls team with their other pieces intact. And the fallback (likely) plan being adding to the roster's depth with no star addition.

Here, Taj is specifically mentioned as someone the Bulls are 'loosening their grip' on if it means acquiring a star.

This would be very un-Bulls-ian, and it's just a single report from a guy I'm not sure we can trust. But if true, perhaps it is them coming to grips with reality: to get an major upgrade in talent, they may have to sacrifice one of 'their guys'.