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2014 NBA Draft lottery: all eyes on the losers

hate time.

Let's watch the lottery together, alright gang? It's a terrible television program but a significant event.

Nothing really affects the Bulls, here. Unless you want to start imagining what a lottery 'loss' would mean for the Lakers and them possibly pursuing Thibs. Or them or the Celtics using a top-3 pick to get Kevin Love from under us. The Bulls competitors in the East are so bad that even a blue-chipper here isn't worth fearing for a while. I suppose the Pistons could get pretty good quickly.

Here are the pick-by-pick odds. For those looking for a rooting interest, I enjoyed Bill Simmons's annual karma rankings, especially the conclusion that the Bucks winning would be fun and the Sixers winning would suck. Should we be rewarding incompetence and bad luck over a carefully planned strategy to suck? Yes!

Then stick around for Heat-Pacers, with this reminder.