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Bulls vs. Wizards game 5 final score: Bulls eliminated at home

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Jonathan Daniel

The Bulls showed some of their trademark surges but mostly their trademark offensive ineptitude, scoring only 69 points and losing yet again at the United Center to the Wizards in Game 5.

The series, and season, is over after a surprisingly short postseason.

For their part, the Wizards didn't play that well (they scored a whopping 75), but were likely understandably tight in winning a series for the first time in nearly a decade. They move on to the Eastern Conference semifinals to face the winner of the Hawks/Pacers series.

For the Bulls, since this playoff run was so short it means the offseason will be a long one. For now, we'll talk a bit more about this game and series before going into full-blown transaction fun-time mode. While both of these past years were pretty awful, last season ended on an unlikely and fun postseason run whereas this one ends with a thud.