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Bulls vs. Wizards game 3 final score: Bulls take a game down the stretch.

Win McNamee

Things were feeling similar to the previous two games, with a 4th quarter lead quickly evaporated and late-game execution required.

Luckily Jimmy Butler did two important things: he hit 2 three-pointers, including the one that gave the Bulls the lead for good, and earlier in the second half got into an altercation with Nene that had the latter ejected from the game (and maybe a future one).

After an interminably-long session of teams alternating FT attempts (including several misses on both sides), the Bulls final lead held, and they now have a win in this series.

Mike Dunleavy was the star for the Bulls tonight, with a game-high (and by far a playoff career high) 35 point game including 8-10 from three. Even with that outstanding performance the Bulls couldn't pull away in this one, and it was yet another nailbiter at the end. Only this time, it was the Bulls who made the fewer mistakes and won the game.

Recap on the way.