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Joakim Noah video: "Born to Run"

This, from Rob Mahoney at, is great. Just all sorts of Noah running the fast-break highlights, a lot of which we've seen in GIF form on this site over the past couple of months.

More than a few of them end in assists too. Noah averaged 7.5 assists per game in March, and his 120 total for the month is the most by a center in that duration since Wilt Chamberlain in March, 1968.

It's lofty company, but not that unreasonable of a comparison. This fantastic piece by Kelly Scaletta at Bleacher Report from a couple weeks ago dug in to not only the excellence but uniqueness of Noah's (post-DengTrade) season and how it compared favorably to Bill Russell. Succinctly: it's very rare to see a player who can impact a game this much without being a big-time scorer.

So here's another 'let's celebrate Jo' post. He's already been climbing into the national awards conversation, and the recent injury to Dwight Howard could be enough to secure his spot as the center on the All-NBA First Team. An honor which not only has the Bulls pay him a $500k bonus (and puts them into the luxury tax) but is factored into next season's cap calculation as a 'likely' bonus for that year. Though I'll assume the Bulls Org. is only sorta feeling bad for themselves, and mostly are happy that they've found an unlikely star on their team.