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Bulls vs. Grizzlies final score: Bulls offense goes dry in final minutes

Jonathan Daniel

In what was, as expected, a low-scoring contest, the Bulls offense was the one that wound up totally breaking on their way to a 85-77 loss to the Grizzlies at home. The Bulls shot 1-6 in the final 6 minutes, and didn't score at all for the final 3:15, finishing with a 14 point 4th quarter.

The frontcourt matchup was won by the Grizzlies, especially on the boards as they held the Bulls to a paltry 15% of their available offensive rebounds, securing 25% of their own. Joakim Noah had another solid point-center game with 15 points, 8 rebounds, and 6 assists, but he also had 6 turnovers, 4 in the final quarter. Marc Gasol nearly matched it with 5 turnovers to go with his 18 points and 10 boards, and outscored Noah 6-0 in the final period.

Taj Gibson continued his great play with a team-high 18 points, and was a leader of yet another big 2nd quarter with him and DJ Augustin. The Bulls shot over 73% in that period, with Augustin scoring 12 points in that period alone. However that period produced nearly all of DJ's points for the game, and his only 3-point make. He finished 1-5 from three and the team was a dreadful 2-13 overall. The Grizzlies were 5-8 from long range (Mike Miller 4-5, ugh) which obviously made for a big difference.

There wasn't much from anybody else. The Bulls sort of expanded their rotation with Tony Snell playing 10 minutes (he was 0-1).

The Noah-centric offense has had a lot of success lately, but a good defensive team like the Grizzlies showed some limitations. The schedule doesn't get much easier with Miami on Sunday afternoon, followed by the Spurs, Rockets, Kings (eh), and Thunder.