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Bulls vs. Pistons Final Score: Noah does it again, Bulls pull away in 4th

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Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulls found themselves in a pretty tight game against Detroit on Wednesday night, but a couple things happened that's been emblematic of their seasons: the Pistons had a 4th quarter collapse, and the Bulls had Joakim Noah. Noah started the game slowly but finished brilliantly, as his Bulls surged early in the 4th to take a 15-point lead and never looked back. Noah wound up with 8 points and 5 assists in the 4th alone to get his second triple-double in the past 3 games. The 4th wound up being a 32-point effort for the Bulls, and though they had struggled with turnovers (like in the game prior) up until then only had 1 in that final period.

The 2nd quarter was just as big, with the bench digging the Bulls out of a deficit behind Taj Gibson and DJ Augustin. And actually...that's the entire bench these days, with Thibs playing Butler and Dunleavy over 40 minutes in this one. Taj shot 7-9 in the 2nd period for 14 of his 22 points. DJ Augustin had another great game winding up with a game-high 26, including going 10-10 from the line. I think Augustin's 'slump' was all of 3 games, as in his last three he's averaging nearly 22 points, and his 3-point shooting is back over 41% as a Bull.

The Bulls scored 100 points again, their 6th straight in a victory (out of the past 8 games) hitting that mark. The Pistons allowed the Bulls their best shooting mark of the season, though the Bulls scoring was ultimately suppressed a bit by going only 5-19 from three. The Pistons big men were not quite up to the challenge in this one, though as a team they did hold the Bulls relatively in check on the offensive glass. And they each actually finished with OK lines (with a Thibs-esque rotation themselves), but Josh Smith was 'forced' outside and shot 6-21, and Andre Drummond padded a bit going 4-4 after the Bulls had already gotten that 15 point lead in the 4th. More importantly, their defense wasn't there all night, especially when Noah took over.

Detroit is of course a bit of a mess, near a 'disaster zone' where they are better off losing and keeping their pick as the playoffs seem farther out of reach. So it was definitely a good win to get as the schedule heats up soon.