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Bulls Bracket II: The best GIFs, pictures and moments from the last year



We did this last year, so let's do it again. The only rule is that the entries needed to occur since I published the last bracket.

I chose some winners, but please include your Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final 4 and title game winner in the comments, if you want to.

Fred Cleared This Region


1. Yannick Noah interview during Heat game vs. Thibodeau's "Every game is Game 7" mantra

Winner: Thibs might think he has more than enough to win with, but nothing can slow down the tidal wave of emotion that is YANNICK.

8. National TV Kirk vs. the mid-season signing of D.J. Augustin

Winner: Hinrich has been great on nationally televised games all year, but I can't pick Hinrich over D.J. Augustin in any scenario.

5. Breaking news from Mitch Lawrence vs. 12. Nate Robinson's NBA Jam quote

When Mitch Lawrence said Luol Deng was soon to be traded, all of the local beat writers rushed to shoot down the idea. Deng was dealt to Cleveland later that day. Lawrence has spent the entire season firing Bulls tidbits from his perch at the New York Daily News, acting as the main force behind the 'Thibodeau to the Knicks' rumors and also recently burying the small fact that the Bulls expect Rose back for the playoffs this season at the bottom of a column about Phil Jackson and the Knicks.

Lawrence's reporting has been entertaining this season, I suppose, but it's nothing compared to Nate Robinson's historic Game 4 against the Nets, when he scored 23 points in the fourth quarter and had this to say after the game.

"I always think I'm on fire," he said after scoring 34 points in the Bulls' wild 142-134, triple-overtime victory over the Brooklyn Nets. "Like the old school game, 'NBA Jam,' you make a couple and the rim's on fire and when you shoot the ball, the ball's on fire. I feel like that at times. Well, all the time. When I'm in the game, I play with a lot of confidence and you kind of got to lie to yourself that you can't miss."

We're going Nate here.

4. Nazr Mohammed shoving LeBron vs. No. 13 Big Sean Lady'

Winner: Nazr Mohammed's open court shove on LeBron James in the Eastern Conference Finals was completely uncalled for, unquestionably dirty and definitely hilarious.


Still, I'm going with Big Sean Lady. Who is Big Sean Lady?

Big Sean Lady is a woman I saw in the stands while attending adidas' annual party for D. Rose. The rapper Big Sean was there to perform. I looked behind me while he was going through his short set and saw this:


We are all Big Sean Lady.

6. P.J. Rose vs. 11. Bulls comparing themselves to "Major League"

Winner: Come on.


3. Jimmy's PMW shirt vs. 14. Taj's improved post game!

Winner: We all love Taj's new post moves, but this is a no-brainer:


7. Bulls fail vine vs. No. 10 Snell refuses to dap Noah

Winner: I love this GIF but I'm still going with this sequence against the Spurs:

Link to preserve page loading time.

2. Thibs maniacal laughter vs. 15. Dunleavy cut vs. Rockets

Winner: Landslide.

Round of 32

1. Yannick Noah vs. No. 9 D.J. Augustin



No. 12 Nate's NBA Jam quote vs. No. 13 Big Sean Lady

Winner: "More like Big Fucking Douche"


No. 6 P.J. Rose vs. No. 3 Jimmy's PMW shirt

Winner: Going with PMW over the cute kid because Jimmy's apology was so good.

In regards to the picture that is circulating... It was early last year and the shirt simply matched my shoes. In no way do I support the message written on the shirt. I sincerely apologize to any of my fans who may have been offended. Much love, JB.

Jimmy's shoes also said "Pussy, Money, Weed", I guess.

No. 7 Mega Fail vs. No. 2 Thibs maniacal laughter

Winner: Thibs!

Sweet 16

No. 1 Yannick Noah vs. No. 13 Big Sean Lady

Winner: It was a magical run for Big Sean Lady, but it ends here.

No. 3 Jimmy's PMW shirt vs. No. 2 Thibs maniacal laughter

Winner: Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibs

Elite 8

No. 1 Yannick Noah vs. No. 2 Thibs maniacal laughter

I'm going with Mr. Noah here:


We have our first Final Four contestant.

Cuppy Coffee region


No. 1 Filomena Tobias vs. No. 16 Andrew Bynum's Bulls career

Winner: Haha, Bynum. He has no chance.

Filomena Tobias, aka the Black Widow, is a force that cannot be slowed down.


(Credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

No. 8 Noah MVP chants vs. Nick Friedell and Bobcats cheerleaders

Winner: Noah MVP chants advances, but we'll still post the picture of Friedell with the Bobcats cheerleaders:

No. 5 Turnt Up MJ vs. No. 12 The Derrick Rose Rule II

Winner: Turn Down MJ For What


No. 4 Jimmy Butler and Miley Cyrus vs. No. 13 Jimmy at Pitchfork

Winner: Jimmy Butler is our nation's greatest summer music festival attendee, but the edge goes to Miley.


No. 6 Joakim Noah is a teenaged girl vs. No. 11 Deng's 56 minute game

Winner: "Oh my God, guess who we hooked up with!"

The Vines make this page load too slow, so I'll just link it.

No. 3 Marco's big balls vs. No. 14 Marquis Teague's Twitter feed

Winner: I always enjoyed Teague's Twitter feed, mostly when he quoted rap lyrics without any context, but Big Balls Marco is a serious contender in this field.


No. 7 Jimmy slams on Bosh vs. 10. Lorde live tweets the Bulls

Winner: The best moment from the best game of the last year:

No. 2 Waka Flocka's breaking news vs. No. 15 "Afrose"

Winner: Six days after I published the first Bulls bracket! This was, of course, before the Bulls would snap the Heat's 27-game winning streak. #HolyShit

Round of 32

No. 1 Filomena Tobias vs. No. 8 Noah MVP chants



No. 5 Turnt Up MJ vs. No. 4 Jimmy and Miley


No. 6 Joakim Noah is a teenage girl vs. No. 3. Marco's big balls

Winner: That's a spicy meatball.


No. 7 Jimmy on Bosh vs. No. 2 Waka's breaking news

Winner: Upset! Waka is like my favorite thing ever, but I'll go with Jimmy here, since actually did play in that game.


Sweet 16

No. 1 Filomena Tobias vs. No. 4. Jimmy + Miley

Winner: Hey Miley:


No. 3 Marco's big balls vs. No. 7 Jimmy slams on Bosh



Elite 8

No. 1 Filomena Tobias vs. No. 7 Jimmy slams on Bosh


Norm Van Lier region


No. 1 D. Rose plays ninjas and samurais vs. No. 16 Joakim Noah's new she endorsement


No. 9 Kirk Hinrich's Charlie Brown moment vs. No. 9 "Don't tell Thibs"

Winner: I love Rose saying he had harder workouts by himself than with the Bulls at training camp -- "DON'T TELL THIBS" -- but Hinrich's Charlie Brown moment against the Knicks is too good.

No. 5 Nate's Steve Novak taunt vs. No. 12 Someone tries to grab LeBron's headline

Winner: This is one of the best GIFs of all-time. Sports division, at least:


No. 4. Muffin Top Mania vs. No. 13 No one likes Boozer

Winner: The GIF of no one giving Boozer a high-five is tremendous, but I have to go with Jimmy's iconic haircut here.


No. 6 Thibs denies the Kate Upton rumors vs. No. 11 Jimmy goes 60 minutes against Orlando

Winner: The rare moment when Thibs shows a human personality vs. the moment that made us wonder if he can feel anything. Upton in a landslide, here.

No. 3 Boozer mic'd up vs. No. 14 Brooklyn bench celebration

Winner: I have never liked Carlos Boozer more than in this video.

No. 7 Smell Salts vs. No. 10 Big Mac runners

Winner: Pregame smelling salts, just make sure you're alive.


No. 2 Noah's tirade in Sacramento vs. No. 15 Noah's media silence.



Round of 32

No. 1 Rose plays ninjas vs. No. 8 Hinrich's Charlie Brown moment



No. 5 Nate's Novak taunt vs. No. 4 Muffin top mania

Winner: Nate forever.


No. 6 Thibs loves 3 Kate Upton vs. No. 3 Boozer mic'd up

Winner: 2:05 to 2:15 forever

No. 7 Smelling salts vs. No. 2 Noah drops (F) bombs



Sweet 16

No. 1 Rose plays ninjas vs. No. 5 Nate's Novak taunt



No. 3 Boozer mic'd up vs. No. 2 Noah's "Half Baked" moment

Winner: Tough to pick Boozer over Noah in any instance, but man, I have to go Boozer here.

Elite 8

No. 1 Rose plays ninjas vs. No. 3. Boozer mic'd up


Beef Wennington region


No. 1 Noah caps in Bosh's face vs. No. 16 Bonus money putting the Bulls into the luxury tax



No. 8 Luol and Joakim's hello/goodbye No. 9 Sir Paul

Winner: Special moment right here, but it's hard to go against the guy who wrote "Blackbird".


No. 5 Tony Snell's rookie photo vs. No. 12 Noah triple-doubles



No. 4 Hinrich form tackles LeBron vs. No. 13 Boozer punches ref in the dick

Winner: I will never forget the time Boozer punched the ref in Dallas, but I did forget it was in the last year. That's why it's criminally underseeded as a No. 13. Still an all-time classic:


Haha, still so good.

No. 5 Jimmy Butler and Mark Walhberg's summer vacation vs. No. 11 Deningitis

Winner: Deng's meningitis scare was the worst non-D. Rose related moment of the past year. Jimmy and Wahlberg, on the other hand, is pretty funny.


On second though, this really should have been the Muffin Top Mania image.

No. 3 Rose eats candy on the bench vs. No. 14 Kirk Hinrich's "power clap"

Winner: I will never get over Rose eating candy on the bench during the playoff series with the Nets.


No. 7 Stoic Deng vs. No. 10 Tony Snell's mom

Winner: Stoic Deng forever.


No. 2 D. Rose's Duck Dynasty costume vs. No. Benny the Bull hijinx

Winner: Still not even one percent over this:


Round of 32

No. 1 Noah caps in Bosh's face vs. No. 9 the Bulls and Sir Paul



No. 5 Demon Snell vs. No. 13 Boozer punches ref



No. 6 Jimmy and Marky Mark's Excellent Summer vs. No. 3 Rose eats candy on the bench


No. 10 Stoic Deng vs. No. 2 D. Rose's Duck Dynasty costume



Sweet 16

No. 1 Noah claps in Bosh's face vs. No. 13 Boozer punches ref in the dick



No. 3 D. Rose eats candy on the bench vs. No. 2 D. Rose's Halloween costume

Winner: Maybe the tightest Sweet 16 matchup of all. I'm going with the costume.


Elite 8

No. 1 Boozer punches ref in the dick vs. No. 2 Derrick's Duck Dynasty costume

Winner: So tough, but I just can't go Boozer over Derrick in any capacity.



Let's take a look at my Final Four:


No. 1 Filomena Tobias vs. No. 1 Yannick Noah

OK, so I spent like 40 minutes last night going back and re-reading that NY Mag feature on our girl Filomena. It's just .. so insane. A snippet:

Tobias’s marriage was also tanking. Phyllis would often appear at the office and demand cash. "Give me 15,000 fucking dollars. Give me 15,000 fucking dollars," she hissed on one visit, according to the former Circle T staffer. Tobias had promised Phyllis that he would stop using cocaine, but she didn’t believe him. In the fall of 2005, the couple was having dinner at Bice, a Palm Beach restaurant, with six other people. Just after sitting down, Phyllis jumped from her seat and placed her lips over Tobias’s nose and began sucking. She was searching for cocaine residue.

This would be the second or third best Bret Easton Ellis novel, I think. Yannick Noah's moment was awesome, but he can't take down Filomena.


No. 3 Mic'd up Boozer vs. No. 2 D. Rose "Duck Dynasty costume"

Winner: Giving Rose the edge here because we knew Boozer was a loud, cheesy guy who seemed like a great teammate. D. Rose in a fake beard and bandana came out of nowhere.


TITLE GAME: No. 1 Filomena Tobias vs. No. 2 D. Rose "Duck Dynasty" costume


* * *

Gimme your Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final 4 and title winner in the comments!